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Six Medically Confirmed Health Benefits of Ginger

By Tofunmi Oluwafemi

Many of us go to markets absolutely clueless of the unmatched powers buried beneath the walls of a ginger root.

This common kitchen ingredient has successfully gained itself a spot among the world’s healthiest spices through its possession of several exceptional nutrients and bioactive plant compounds.

Interestingly, ginger has also been put to use by the cosmetic industry owing to its science based benefits.

Here are 6 beneficial effects that ginger has on the human body.

  • It can fight off nausea and morning sickness

Ginger has been found to be very effective for treating nausea symptoms especially in pregnant women and those undergoing surgery (1). However, pregnant women should be careful not to take excessive amounts to prevent complications.

Women who may have had miscarriages and pregnant women closing in on delivery should totally avoid taking the spice (2).

It can also be used to treat chemo-related nausea, although more studies are needed on that basis (3, 4).

  • It can improve blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels

This spice has proved its worth in the area of diabetes – It is said to have anti-diabetic properties that help lower blood sugar level and also reduce the risks of major heart diseases in persons with type 2 diabetes (5).

Studies have also shown that individuals who regularly consume ginger may experience a significant decrease in Bad (LDL) cholesterol levels which is known to cause various heart-related problems (6).

  • It contains anti-cancer substances

An active component of ginger is gingerol. Gingerol is known to be very powerful in dealing with certain types of cancer, but more research is needed (7).

It is said to have protective effects against colorectal, breast, pancreatic, liver and ovarian cancers. (8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

  • It may aid weight loss

Both human and animal studies have shown that ginger may assist in reducing body weight and combating obesity (13).

This ability has been traced to its anti-inflammatory properties and power to increase calories burnt (14).

  • It can protect the body against certain infections

This is another aspect where gingerol comes to play.  The gingerol-possessing attribute of ginger works to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that could lead to infections in the body (15, 16).

It can also assist in fighting against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) (17).

  • It can relieve symptoms of chronic indigestion

The pain and discomfort that comes with delayed emptying time of the stomach has been linked to indigestion and ginger is known to speed up the rate of emptying in the stomach, thereby relieving symptoms (18).





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