Six Terrible Reasons People Get Married


Weddings are often seen as a joyous occasion, a celebration of love and commitment between two people. But for some, the reasons for getting married can be far from romantic.

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  1. Pressure from society: In some cultures, there is strong societal pressure to get married, often at a young age. This can lead people to feel like they have no choice but to get married, even if they are not ready or do not truly love their partner.
  2. Fear of being alone: Some people may feel like they need to get married because they are afraid of being alone. They may see marriage as a way to avoid the perceived stigma of being single or to fill a void in their lives.
  3. Financial gain: Unfortunately, some people see marriage as a way to benefit from their partner financially. This could be through a prenuptial agreement or simply by combining assets and resources.
  4. Immigration status: For some people, especially those in a cross-cultural relationship, marriage may be a way to obtain a visa or secure citizenship in a new country.
  5. Pregnancy: In some cases, people may feel pressured to get married because they are expecting a child together. This can be especially true if the couple is not prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood.
  6. Infidelity: Some people may feel like they have to marry their partner to save face or repair a damaged relationship after infidelity. This can be a misguided attempt to fix problems that may be irreparable.

While marriage can be a beautiful and fulfilling experience for many people, it is important to make sure that the decision to get married is based on love and a shared commitment to each other, rather than these more negative reasons.

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