‘Tinubu Can Not Blame Buhari Because He Promised To Build On His Policies’ – Galadima

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A prominent member of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Buba Galadima, has criticized President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s assertion of continuing former President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies, describing it as a mere extension of problematic governance.

In a recent interview with Saturday Sun in Abuja, Galadima argued that Tinubu’s commitment to uphold Buhari’s policies contradicts his administration’s current stance of distancing itself from the challenges facing the nation.

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According to Galadima, President Tinubu clarified during his campaign that his administration would build on his predecessor’s policies.

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Therefore, Tinubu and his cabinet’s recent attempts to blame the previous administration for the current economic woes are deemed misleading.


“President Tinubu should own up to the responsibilities of his office, having stated his intent to follow Buhari’s footsteps. It is unfair to now place the blame on Buhari’s doorstep,” Galadima asserted.



Galadima, a former ally of the immediate past President, Muhammadu Buhari, said: “I don’t want politicians to do blame game. Of course, everybody knew that Buhari has destroyed this country in so many facets, but especially the economy and security. Everybody knows that. It is not news. But equally, Tinubu has told us that he was going to build on what Buhari left behind. So, that is the only promise he made, that he was going to start from where Buhari stopped. He can’t blame Buhari. He has already taken responsibility for what Buhari has done.”


He also explained why he would continue to oppose the establishment of state police in the country. He said: “You know you young men, you thought it is pleasure, including governors, because they didn’t know. Most of them didn’t know when there was native authority police. If you see a Hausa man in China or in the United States who migrated, it was because of the use of state police in Kano and Jigawa against citizens. These governors, when they allow state police to take root, they will be the first victims because their successors will ban them from entering their own states. Just imagine a Fubara or a Ganduje, when he was governor, having state police…”


Galadima said those accusing Tinubu of nepotism were wrong, saying that the presidential system encourages nepotism, even in the United States.


According to Galadima, “As far as I am concerned, we are running a presidential system of government. It is at the pleasure of the man in office that he should hire those that he personally believes can assist him deliver the dividends of democracy. What will be bad is that if those he hires have no knowledge, have no capacity and don’t understand anything and he puts them there to help run the economy or the security of the country aground. But as far as I am concerned, I don’t care, any Nigerian, as I said during Obasanjo, and I said also during Buhari. So, Tinubu is no exception. He can hire anybody that he believes can help him deliver dividends of democracy.


“You don’t know that United States President Kennedy made his brother, same father, same mother, the Attorney-General of the US? Do you know that Bush was an Ambassador under Richard Nixon and when he became President; his son was also a governor in another state? And when he left, his son contested for presidency and became President of the United States? So, if we are doing as it is done in the United States, done in Europe, why do we blame somebody because he appoints his brother, or his people, or his tribe or his religion? What we should demand of them is accountability and good governance.”

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