Tinubu may return home in commercial plane as presidential jets are still faulty


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu may be forced to return to Nigeria in a commercial plane as the presidential jets that developed faults in the Netherlands are still being repaired.

Following his diplomatic engagements with Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Rotterdam, Netherlands, President Tinubu, according to media reports, was forced to use a chartered plane to Saudi Arabia after his main presidential jet developed a fault and was taken in for maintenance.

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It was reported that the second presidential jet he could have flown to Saudi for the World Economic Summit also developed a technical snag.

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With the two aircraft grounded, the president’s aides, ministers, and other government officials were equally forced to fly to the summit on commercial airlines, leaving the faulty jets behind.

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It was expected that the jets would be ready to transport the president back home by the end of the summit. However, on Thursday, May 2, 2024, a source in the presidency disclosed to this writer that the aircraft are still under maintenance.



This indicated that the president may be forced to return home on another chartered flight if the jets’ problems are not fixed by the end of his official engagements abroad.


When asked about the state of the jets, the source said they are “still under maintenance” adding that the president may have to return to Nigeria “using commercial flight.”


The source also disclosed that barring any last-minute changes, President Tinubu is likely to return to the country on Saturday, May 4.

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