Video Of Nigerians Lamenting Fuel Scarcity 30 Years Ago Goes Viral


A 1994 TV clip of fuel scarcity in Nigeria has surfaced online showing a  female Nigerian speaking out against the scarcity.

Now, Nigerians are on a quest to uncover the identity of a woman who eloquently spoke in a TV story about fuel scarcity 30 years ago.

social media user Jackie, who identifies as #JWEZEE had shared the video with the caption, “On this day April 30 1994, same day same time, only difference 30years ago.

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Nigerians in long fuel queues lamenting, 30years later they are still lamenting. And In another 30years will still lament, why? Because patterns don’t lie.”

In the video, which has since gone viral, Nigerians were seen queuing to purchase fuel and lamenting their predicament as citizens waiting in long queues with their gallons to buy fuel.

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The woman passionately addressed the unfairness of soldiers skipping queues to resell fuel, highlighting a longstanding problem.

She said in part, You have the soldiers that come, they buy petrol, they put it in jerry cans they sell it right in front of these people, it’s ridiculous.


“They get the fuel themselves, why do they have to come here, they don’t join the queue, they just buy and they sell right in front of people, it’s ridiculous. Something has to happen.”

The 30-year-old video which recently surfaced coincides with the current fuel price hike across the country. Currently, the country is facing fuel scarcity and price hike, with fuel being sold at N900 per litre in some states. This has affected the price of goods in the nation.

Nigerians are intrigued by the woman’s articulate speech

Social media users have expressed admiration for her eloquence and seek to learn more about her.

Dele Ajala, wrote, “That lady spoke so eloquently and passionately like an activisit, wonder where she is today, 30years after….interesting. I wonder where the lady speaking in the video is today?”

A social media user, The Anon who identifies as #btisin_advocate wrote, “Make social media find that woman or her offspring”

Man Go, who posts anonymously as #shareorgasm wrote , Let’s look for the lady ?”

DJ Sammie who identifies as #Sammie10111 said, “If she is still alive she will probably be in her 60’s while experiencing same pattern 30 years ago. Nigeria is not a real place

Hillzy writes, ” Unrelated but I need that lady’s number.”

Best African Actor who posts anonymously as #yosoye_elisha wrote, “Where is this Lady now? Who has her contact?:

Segun, who identifies as #1Segun1 wrote, “What’s her @?”

Mustapha who posts as #ctrlaltmustapha wrote, You cant get 100 people who can pronounce “ridiculous” like that in the whole of Lagos, who’s mum is this?”



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