Twitter To Introduce Per-Article Charging Option To Publishers This May


Twitter users will soon be able to purchase articles on a per-article basis, according to Elon Musk’s announcement on Saturday.


The feature will enable media publishers to charge readers a one-time fee instead of requiring them to subscribe. The new Twitter feature will be a “win-win” for both readers and media publishers, according to Musk.

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The exact launch date and commission details are still unknown. There are no details on which media outlets and accounts will qualify for the feature.

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Musk’s acquisition of Twitter last year for $44 billion has been a source of criticism for him, with some criticizing his restoration of Donald Trump’s account and elimination of Twitter’s verification program.

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In an interview with Bill Maher on “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Musk discussed his acquisition of Twitter. He stated that he believes that anything that results in the suppression of free speech or is anti-meritocratic should be treated with caution

He also argued that Twitter is a digital town square, and it is essential to have both the reality and perception of trust for a broad range of opinions.


Musk did not address the controversy surrounding Twitter’s Blue program, which provides verification checkmarks to users who pay a monthly fee. He did, however, explain that he had to “take drastic action” to avoid Twitter’s bankruptcy after the acquisition.

The Twitter feature has the potential to benefit smaller media outlets that might not have the resources to sustain a subscription model.

As a result, they might benefit from having an alternative, low-commitment option for readers. However, it is unclear how this new feature will affect larger media outlets, such as Prime Business Africa, The Washington Post, or The Wall Street Journal.

Twitter’s new feature of allowing media publishers to charge readers on a per-article basis is likely to be a game-changer for smaller media outlets. The feature might provide readers with a low-commitment option to access articles, which could increase readership. However, the exact details about the feature remain unknown, so it is uncertain how it will impact larger media outlets.

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