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UI postgraduate students create mini learning hub for researchers, academics

Opeyemi Adelere

Three postgraduate students of the University of Ibadan have invented a small hub for the teaching and learning of English Language amidst the spread of COVID-19.

The platform is aimed at creating a virtual community, which could basically bring in scholars, experts (of English in various departments) and learners together for learning purpose, thereby mitigating the effects of school closure that has hampered learning process.

The English Language Hub, as at present, has mathematicians, scientists, speakers and other distinguished members from various faculties and ministries. The idea of using ‘hub’ originated from the basis of seeing the platform as central and most important learning space where discussions regarding English Language could be shared. Instead of using ‘forum’, ‘hub’ came as a pivotal replacement.

The initiator, Ikeoluwapo Baruwa, said, “The coalescence of ivory tower and outside world would adequately aid and sharpen the thoughts of teachers, especially in the classroom setting and in their articulation of words and tenses in various write-ups’.

The platform is said to be gaining momentum as a means of keeping these researchers and academics busy and more informed. Though, limited to WhatsApp, the organiser, Ikeoluwapo Baruwa, and the administrators, Oluwadamilare Peter Jegede and Oluwatosin Aluko, look forward to taking the platform a bit higher.

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