UNN lecturers convert cars to offices

Setting agenda for University of Nigeria's witchcraft conference

Lecturers at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, have converted their cars to offices as the university continues to suffer from dearth of facilities due to increase in the number of students and staff members.

The university’s Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof Nnanyelugo Okoro, disclosed this at the first Faculty of Arts Alumni Homecoming and Re-union of the institution. He noted that increase in the university community population had led to the deterioration of existing facilities.

He said, “In the past few years, the number of students and staff have greatly increased, as a result of which infrastructures are inadequate. The faculty lecture theatre can no longer accommodate the freshmen, offering faculty-wide courses. We need to construct faculty lecture theatre and office building for members of staff, whose cars now serve as offices.’’

He explained that the lecture organised in honour of the Alumni was a platform to reposition the University for Global Competitiveness as universities are driven by high skill human resources, with functionality in creative arts and humanities.

He also spoke on the dilapidating building with leaking roofs. According to him, learning process is being distorted in rainy season. “The roof of the faculty leaks profusely such that the complex becomes flooded after each bout of rain,” appealing for repairs to be carried out to prevent the eventual collapse of the building.

Also speaking at the occasion, the university vice chancellor, Prof. Charles Arizechukwu Igwe, said the education sector had been negatively affected by economic, political and socio-religious crises. To him, crime management is receiving more attention than the education sector.

He said education development keeps deteriorating in Africa, most especially Nigeria, leading to the underdevelopment of the continent. He urged the Alumni body rise to the task of bringing the country out of its numerous challenges. He was represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), Prof. Pat Uche Okpoko.

The chairman of the Local orgarnising committee, Prof. Florence Orabueze, urged the alumni body to intervene in the decay of infrastructures in the university community. She also called for donations to be made towards research and training of faculty members, and for students to attend international conferences and seminars.


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