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Buhari to IPOB: We will organise the military and destroy them

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his administration will organise the police and the military to pursue the  Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Buhari said this in an interview with Arise TV on Thursday, noting that IPOB did not know what it was doing.


He said, “I was encouraged by what I heard. Nobody told me. Two statements from the south-south: one by the elderly people, they said this time around there would be no access to sea. And again, the youth made the same statement; such encouragement.

“The way they are spread across Nigeria, having properties and business, IPOB does not know what they are doing,” he said. He noted that he was encouraged by the comments of two elderly people and youths in the South-South regarding IPOB.

He said the secessionist group led by Nnamdi Kanu would not have “access to anywhere” even if they eventually secede from the country.

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Buhari’s comments, however, did not douse the tension in the South-East as he tended to regard anybody from the region as a member of IPOB, analysts say.

He said he was fair on his appointments, and the South-East region was not being marginalised.

“Are South-East not in civil service? You have to go through the civil service and see if there are no South-East persons in civil service,” he said.



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