“When I’m there no more, people will love me more” Unreleased song of Mohbad predicting his death surfaces

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The recent passing of the talented Nigerian artist Mohbad has left fans and the music industry in shock and sorrow.

However, an unreleased song featuring Mohbad has surfaced, containing lyrics that have sent chills down the spines of many fans. In the song, it seems Mohbad had predicted his own death, leaving fans both saddened and puzzled by his words.

The lyrics in question hint at Mohbad’s foresight of the future, where he contemplates what people will say when he’s no longer around. He muses,

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“Love me while I’m still here, cause heaven is our residence,

“Jah is my confidence, every man is a walking dead”

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When I’m there no more, people will love me more.”
Talk about the things I’ve done, discuss my right and wrongs “

“When I’m laying dead on the floor, when I can’t talk no more”


“If I go live forever, Shebi Oluwa”

Listen to song below!

These haunting words have left fans reflecting on the impact Mohbad’s words had on his early demise.

Davido, had recently paid a heartfelt homage to Mohbad during his Timeless tour in Manchester. Davido acknowledged the hidden struggles that many artists face privately, emphasizing that they, too, are human beings with emotions and challenges.

Davido’s message resonated deeply with both artists and fans in the audience, expressing the sacrifices and dedication required to deliver excellent performances despite personal hardships.

In addition to his touching tribute, Davido also demonstrated his generosity by sending a substantial sum of 2 million naira to Mohbad’s grieving family. This generous gesture was recognized by Mohbad’s father who came out to reveal it to the public.

Netizens are still grappling with the death of Mohbad because it a startling reminder of the fragility of life.

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