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‘Women Are Very Easy to Deceive” – Online Kidnapper(VIDEO)

An online kidnapper has confessed to the police after he was caught. The man while confessing, revealed how he uses fake name on Facebook to lure and kidnap women.

According to him, women are very easy to deceive.

The suspect who gave his name as Sadiq Abubakar, an indigene of Kogi state, said he uses the name Samuel Johnson on Facebook. According to him, he is an online kidnapper. Describing his modus operandi, Sadiq said:

”Sometimes they (the women) do send online request and sometimes I do send them friend request, We become friends.  I invite them and from there I capture them and ask for a ransom. So that is what I do.”

Speaking further, Abubakar said women are very easy to deceive. He advised the female gender to be careful.

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”My advice to young women out there is that they should be careful., trust nobody. Women are very easy to deceive. They should be careful and very sensitive”

Watch a video of him speaking below:


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