Young Lady bags multiple university degrees after working as a waitress to fund her education, celebrates achievement


An exceptional African Lady named Mitchell Mhlanga has emerged successful after having to work as a waitress to gather funds to enroll for a university degree.

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Mitchell Mhlanga who hails from South Africa, narrated her struggles before earning a university degree. She explained that after graduating high school in 2010, she got accepted to the University of South Africa to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

She had taken a job as a waitress to fund her education but was unable to sustain her studies at the university. In 2013, she dropped out of Law School in her second year because of a lack of fees.

She finally earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Economics and proceeded to earn a Master’s degree in International Public Administration from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE).

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Celebrating her achievement on Instagram, she shared images of her graduation saying that she is a degree hotter. “I’m One Degree Hotter Today. I Came, I Saw, I Mastered,” she said.

She later moved to study in China and was accepted to Shanghai Lixin University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade And Economics.