Check Out How Much Singer Simi Has Transformed Since She Put To Bed (PHOTOS)


The Music Industry is blessed with a lot of talents who have proven beyond doubts that they have all it takes to compete with international artists and also have some nice collaboration with them.

One cannot talk about Musical artists in Nigeria without mentioning Simisola who is undoubtedly one of the best female vocalists in Nigeria. She has since gained a lot of attention from those who love melodious songs and that is what she is well known for as she does not fail to deliver whenever she releases a new song.

Her marriage to Adekunle Gold who is also a musical artist shows that she loves people who sing well as she had several collaborations with him before they got married.

He happened to take in and was showing real love from her husband. On several occasion, AG Baby took Simi out just to have fun with her and also to calm her nerves down so as to reduce the pains associated with pregnancy.

Below are some pregnancy photos of Simi

It was in the month of June 2020 that the two love birds welcomed their first child, Adejare to this beautiful world.

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It was indeed a thing of joy for AG Baby who has been eagerly waiting to become a father. On the other hand, Simi was also happy to have given birth to her lovely daughter and she has not ceased to spend some quality time with her.

It has been nine months since Simi put to bed and there is no doubt that she has really transformed within the time frame. Her skin is now glowing like never before and she keeps looking younger by the day.

Below are some recent photos of Simi showing how much she has transformed


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