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Federal housing scheme: Check prices of 2, 3 bedroom flats

Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has revealed that the National Housing Programme comprising of one, two and three bedroom apartments for sale at prices.

According to the minister, the houses being offered were the 1-bedroom 60sqm, 2-bedroom 76sqm and the 3-bedroom with 110sqm, adding that it is larger than what most developers offer, The Cable.

He said: “There are 1, 2, 3 bedrooms, some of which are bungalows, while others are flats. The minimum house is N7.2m and the highest is about N16m.”

However, TheCable reports that checks show that a one-bedroom bungalow goes for N9,268,751. The price is the same across states where the property type is available.

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A two-bedroom bungalow sells for N12,398,460, while that of a three-bedroom costs 16,491,155, The Cable reports.

A one-bedroom flat in a condominium available in southern states goes for N7,222,404, two-bedroom apartment costs N9,148,378, while a three-bedroom unit costs N13,241,074.

Meanwhile, Frank Talk NOw listed the documents you need if you want to apply Passport photograph: A digital copy of your most recent passport photograph in .JPEG or .PNG format. Current Tax Clearance/Pay Slip: The most recent copy of your tax clearance / Pay Slip certificate is required in .PDF format only.

Means of Identification (National I.D, Drivers licences, International passport ): A digital copy of your means of identification in .JPEG or . PNG format

Letter of recommendation from any Primary Morgage Bank (for Mortgage Subscribers) Evidence of 10% initial deposit. (for Mortgage Subscribers only)


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