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Five children including newborn orphaned as parents die of COVID-19 two weeks apart

Five children in northern California have been orphaned after both of their unvaccinated parents died of COVID-19 complications.

Davy Macias, 37, a nurse with Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, contracted COVID-19 while seven months pregnant and died shortly after delivering her youngest daughter while intubated.

Now her husband, Daniel, 38, has died as well, leaving their five children — including their unnamed newborn baby girl — without parents.

A family friend shared the ‘incredibly sad news’ on a GoFundMe page for the children, writing this weekend: ‘Daniel lost his fight with COVID yesterday afternoon. There aren’t words to explain the loss of both him and Davy. Keep the kids in your thoughts and prayers. They gained two angels but still have a long road ahead of them.’

She also added: ‘The kids are in good spirits, not understanding the gravity of what is happening.’

Neither Davy nor Daniel was vaccinated against COVID-19 when they both contracted the virus last month.

Davy was hospitalized with the virus and unconscious when her baby was delivered at 32 weeks.

‘My mom and I went to see her one last time on that bed… that’s an image that’s going to stay with me,’ Davy’s sister, Vandana Serey, told KABC.

‘She touched everybody’s life. When she’s there, she’s an advocate for all of her patients. It’s always for the benefit of the patient and the babies. She’s a great and an amazing woman.’

On August 26, she succumbed to illness, never getting the chance to hold her new baby.

Daniel, a middle school math teacher, remained for two weeks after his wife died, ‘fighting to stay here with his babies,’ according to the GoFundMe page.

Serey said that he managed to send her a text message from the hospital before he passed.

‘He was trying to breathe and said, if anyone is not vaccinated, I suggest you do now,’ she said.

By September 6, he was no longer testing positive for COVID, ‘but the damage has been done,’ a family friend said. On September 9, he too passed away.

Friends and family are grieving the losses, with over $202,000 raised on GoFundMe.

‘Davy was the best,’ wrote one of Davy’s colleagues.. ‘She was such a joy to see at work, always willing to help, always so kind and positive, and she always brought us food.

‘She has spoken up and defended me when I needed it. I will miss her greatly. I will be continually praying for her husband and her little ones. Davy, thank you for your kindness and joy. I will always treasure my memories of you.’

‘Davy was a GREAT mother who adored her children,’ wrote another colleague on Facebook. ‘She was an EXCELLENT nurse who cared for others. Her Kaiser, family, and friends have lost a good one. She was an overall good person. I feel blessed to have know and worked beside her.’

Meanwhile, the couple’s newborn is thriving.

‘Baby Macias is doing fantastic. She has gained a whole lb since last week and she is alert and has even cracked a little smile,’ the family said.

While Davy was unvaccinated, she did speak out about being ‘cautious’ in a Facebook post in January, in which she also detailed the stress of being a nurse during the pandemic.

‘I’ve been an OB RN for 11 years. This month I’ve floated almost every shift to a COVID unit. I floated to covid med surge and covid ICU, too many COVID shifts for my liking, but at the end of the day, I am grateful,’ she wrote.

‘I’m grateful for my family that I get to come home to and I’m grateful for our health. Although my exposure is at an all time high, I pray every day that God continues to watch over my family. I’m grateful for the kick-a** nurses I get to work along side.’

She went on to discuss the loss she had seen as people died of the virus.

‘COVID does not discriminate and it’s a scary place in the hospitals right now. Nurses are tired, we have anxiety before going to work, we sit in our cars and we cry after our long shifts,’ she wrote.

‘We mourn for the patients and the families. We don’t sleep for a few nights after our shifts because the cries of the grieving family still linger in our thoughts.

‘Please be safe and just a little extra cautious until we get through this pandemic!’ she concluded.

Three out of four of whom in the US are unvaccinated.

The CDC has recommended the vaccine for pregnant women, and pointed out that COVID-19 can be particularly dangerous for them.

COVID-19 can cause pregnant women to deliver prematurely, and one doctor told GMA that her hospital has seen more stillbirths among COVID-positive pregnant patients.

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