Funny Reactions After Man Refuses To Date A Lady Because She Can Change Generator Plug


Mixed reactions were evoked on the bird app after a Nigerian man revealed that the trivial reason why he wouldn’t date a lady.

According to him, this lady of his who he was set to date knew how to start a generator, something peculiar to men. The man with Twitter handle @reverselove was surprised that the lady had such ability he assumed was exclusive to only men.

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On this note, he decided to terminate his decision to carry on with a relationship with her. This comes after a Twitter user asked:

”The most petty reason you refused to date someone?”

Sharing his story, @reverselove wrote; ”She sabi drag gen. Why you go sabi how to change plug of gen? You be saheed?”

Female tweeps on the bird app trailed down the comment section to reveal that they do much more than the girl she refused to date.

@nonso_di; Are you trying to tell me this is not an advantage I can drag gen o, even fix door keys, change bulb, fix wall socket. Ah you people did not tell us this thing on time. That’s how person has been loosing potential bae

@chisocriz; I have a cousin that can do all these cos she was the generator prefect or something in her secondary school

@Xttaw; Alaye free me oo, na so dem raise me, I dey change bulb, I dey connect light, I dey enter ceiling go find electric fault, I dey use knapsack sprayer, I dey carry block. My popsy almost turn me to man, na God save me.

@catmoneyes; I clean or change plug of gen. I replace blown fuses, I unclog blocked kitchen drains, I do minor carpentry repairs, chaulk gaps and cracks in wall, lay vinyl tiles, install wallpaper, paint walls. Na only welding I never try.

@sanniayo; So, this happened to my friend….I still low-key doubt it. To hear it again elsewhere is baffling. Another friend told us how she services her gen, heats the plugs and I was in awe. Doesn’t mean I expect y’all to do it, heck me sef no wan do am. Glad y’all dodged that bullet.


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