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Is There Really a Perfect Time to Eat Fruits?

Oluwafemi Jesutofunmi


We’re pretty familiar with the various speculations and individualized theories as regards when and when not to eat fruits. Everybody seems to have their own opinions, which is perfectly alright. But, we need to get our facts straight if we aim to achieve optimal health.

A particular claim suggests that eating fruits on an empty stomach is much better than during or after our meals. It says because having a combination of fruits and food in the stomach will slow down digestion and cause the food to sit and ferment which would in turn result into gas and discomfort.

Now, although fruit consumption can actively slow down digestion (due to their fibre content), the added claims are false and should be disregarded.

The human stomach is structured and programmed in such a way that it creates an uncomfortable environment for microorganisms by increasing its acidity, and therefore, the said fermentation or rotting cannot take place.

Going back to the slowing action of fruits as regards digestion, this might be a plus for people seeking to shed some weight. Because it induces feelings of fullness after its consumption which checks overeating, making the individual take in less calories.

The human body has mastered the art of efficiently absorbing nutrients from the foods we consume, no matter the time it was taken and so eating fruits before or after a meal does not depreciate its value. Our digestive system works hard to break down and extract nutrients from the fruits we take, not minding whether they are consumed on an empty stomach or along with a meal.

The claims and theories surrounding the best time to eat fruits are only based on individualized perceptions. Taking fruits is a very healthy way of getting nutrients into our bodies and can be done at any time of the day.

Timing might however be necessary for diabetic persons and those trying to lose weight.



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