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Pregnant teacher, 41, arrested for affair with 15-year-old boy

A pregnant Miami teacher has been arrested for having an affair with a 15 year-old student.

Teacher Heiry Calvi, 41, was released from jail on Saturday on bond, two days after her arrest, after posting bail.

She is accused of having sex with the 15-year-old boy last year and earlier this year, after ‘growing close’ to him at the John I. Smith K-8 Center in Miami.

She allegedly sent him explicit photos over WhatsApp and he is said to have shown other kids videos of them having sex, which prompted a police investigation.

Police say Calvi also gave the boy one of her credit cards and that the pair attended parties together, but told other guests they were aunt and nephew.

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It’s unclear if Calvi is married, or if she is believed to be carrying the teenage boy’s baby.  She revealed her condition to guards as she was booked into jail last week, according to CBS Miami.

Police first became aware of the allegations in March this year. She was seen holding her stomach as she left jail on Saturday.

As part of their investigation, they seized the teenage boy’s phone and found the photos she had sent him over WhatsApp.

While the boy boasted about the encounter, police say Calvi must now face charges.

‘A child does not have the legal authority to give consent even though the child may say “this is OK.”.

‘The responsibility is on the adult,’ Rey Valdes, a Doral Police Department spokesman said. The age of consent in Florida is 18.

Calvi has been charged with lewd and lascivious battery; electronic transmission harmful to minors; unlawful use of a communications device; child neglect; offenses against students by authority figures; contributing to delinquency and possession of a firearm on school property.

She tried to cover her face as she left jail on Saturday after posting bond.

It’s unclear when she will return to court.

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