Student Tailor Who Emerged UNIBEN’s Best Graduate Reveals Top Secrets


Basil Enebeli, the exceptional student who attained a first-class degree in Physics from the University of Benin (UNIBEN), Edo State, has disclosed the strategies that led to his remarkable achievement as the best-graduating student in the Faculty of Physical Sciences.


Enebeli told The Punch, that shared insights into his journey, challenges, and the driving factors behind his success.

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Enebeli didn’t specifically target being the best but aimed to excel throughout his academic journey. Excelling in primary and secondary school laid the foundation for his achievements. His study pattern evolved, ultimately focusing on one subject at a time, leading to his top performance.

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He shared“feel happy, and proud too, maybe not proud enough as I think that I have not yet fully come to terms with what I’ve done. Before I gained admission into the university, I only imagined myself graduating with flying colors, as a best-graduating student, or with a very high cumulative grade point average. I didn’t think much about it but I knew it was possible.

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“Bagging a first class wasn’t like a goal. I only wanted to do very well in school and give my best. So, if that meant graduating with a first-class degree, fine, somehow, it helped me manage my expectations and since I saw the result of my hard work every semester, I was only encouraged to continue.”

“Yes. In my primary school days, I performed very well. In secondary school, no one was ever ahead of me in my class till I graduated, though I didn’t think it was a big deal then. I always felt I probably didn’t face too much competition. I’d say yes, I believe everything that has happened in my life, one way or the other, contributed t qualities


I possess that helped me succeed.

Facing financial challenges and juggling a tailoring business with studies, Enebeli prioritized essential expenses and worked diligently to maintain his academic standards.

He said“At one point, I resumed for a semester with only N1500. It was tough thinking about how to survive. Academically, I believe I had the grace not to encounter significant challenges.”

”When I started having customers patronizing my tailoring business, balancing work and school became very challenging. I made a first-class grade point average in my first and second years, so there was a lot of pressure to finish well. I couldn’t let either suffer. I needed the extra cash and also to build my brand as an alternative to studying for a degree. When you think about it, it’s tough but when push comes to shove, you just have to do what needs to be done. I started doing more and thinking less. Luckily for me, when I sat to read, I comprehended well, the foundation was okay and I wasn’t new to working hard.”

He credits his success to belief, consistency, diligence, and divine grace. Overcoming challenges and embracing tough courses with motivation enabled his achievements.

“This is a tough one. I only know myself, but I’d say belief, consistency, and diligence. And I believe that the grace of God contributed hugely too. I studied Physics and there is always that course every semester that makes you wonder what it is all about because of how tough it is but I wasn’t really afraid. I converted my fear into motivation to study and understand the courses.” he said.

Enebeli’s future holds possibilities like further education, contributing to employers’ goals, teaching, and expanding his fashion brand.

He further emphasizes competence over age for effective leadership, advocating for a balanced

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