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4 Kidnapped by Gunmen in Ekiti

Four people were abducted yesterday along the Ayetoro Ekiti-Otun Ekiti Road in Ekiti State, when gunmen stopped some motorists and held them prisoner.

The victims were allegedly taken into the jungle by the gun-wielding bandits, according to witnesses in the neighborhood.

According to reports, the incident included two buses transporting passengers from Otun Ekiti, with the perpetrators capturing four people and escaping by the skin of their teeth.

One of those who fled told our correspondent yesterday that the gunmen took four passengers from the two buses, according to a source.

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“The hunters were called that some kidnappers were operating along Ayetoro – Otun Road,” said another source who caught wind of the information when certain hunters in the axis were being notified for suitable action. The shooters, though, had already driven two buses into the jungle before they arrived. We don’t know how many people were taken into the forest at the time, but the buses were there.

“They were undoubtedly the ones that operated on Sunday evening along Ayetoro – Ewu Road. According to the insider, the Sunday operation was a failure, which is why they waited so long to carry out this one.

In another twist, the accused kidnappers began attacking commercial motorcyclists on Sunday evening after realizing they had missed their original target. They shot intermittently into the air to intimidate passersby.

“An okada rider was stopped at gunpoint and his valuables were taken, while another okada operator escaped into the bush,” he continued. When the captors realized the other okada rider had escaped, they fled.”

Sunday Abutu, the Police Public Relations Officer for the Ekiti Command, confirmed the kidnapping, saying, “We heard the information and we’ve deployed our guys there.”

“This morning, there was a kidnapping incident. It all started on Sunday evening when some suspected robbers attacked a victim, who was later rescued by the police. However, we learned this morning that the accused were the ones who kidnapped some road users. “They’re being pursued by the cops,” he added.



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