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I Quit Drinking When My Daughter Saw Me Drunk- Waje

Singer, Aituaje Ebele Iruobe, better known as Waje, has shared some details about how her daughter changed her life.

 According to her, she had to quit drinking over the way her daughter looked up to her and she realised she was not living to expectation.


She was engaged in an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, on his programme Rubbin’ Minds where she talked about her journey as a parent.

In her words: “The one time my daughter saw me drunk was the reason I had to check myself. It was not a great sight and that was in 2013. I got home after an event. You know when you go to an event and you take one glass of champagne here and there.

“I got home and I was drunk. Guess who opened the door for me? It was my daughter. That is not something any parent should do. When your child is living with you, there are some things you should not do.”

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She added:  “I give a shoutout to my mother because when I had Emerald, she did not stay with me till she was 13. My mother really helped me with the foundation and that is me being honest. With parenting, there is never really a handbook that would tell you how you should be. You just know that some of the experiences that you have had will definitely want to make you make the right foundations with your child when it comes to characters, principles, and how they live.

“It is not a job; so when you ask me that, ‘Waje how do you do it?’, I just do it.’ It is not a job. Music is what I do; acting is what I do, but a parent is who I am. I just do it. I do not know how I do it, but I just have to.

“Support system is very important, but you just embody the role when it comes. Not everybody does that, but you just have to. Looking at her now, she is in her final year and I am just like, ‘wow!’


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